Climate Change
Aki Kurose student studying fish reprodcution 2005

Climate Change is our theme for the 2007-2009 school years. We have posed a big question: “How is Climate Change an opportunity for us?”

We break this question down into three phases:

1) Introductions
Who are we and what do we care about?

2) Shared Learning about Climate Change
Why is Climate Change occurring and how does it impact the earth? What human practices effect Climate Change? Who are the stakeholders in this issue and what must they agree on?

3) Final Project
What can/will we do about Climate Change?

Students will explore this critical issue from their local as well as global perspectives, and share their learning through online forum dialogues, video conferencing and digital stories. Eleven classrooms in Seattle are directly paired with eleven classrooms in Peru, Guatemala, South Africa, India, Canada and the West Bank and Israel and they will look at the political, cultural and physical causes and effects of global warming. Developing a sense of global interconnectedness, an understanding of the implications of climate change for each others region, and empowerment to act on the issue are the goals of this project. Community engagement is the cornerstone for student success. Stay tuned!

Bridges Climate Change Curriculum