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Tips For Finding The Right Wedding Photographer

Tips For Finding The Right Wedding PhotographerFinding all the professionals you need to make your dream wedding actually come to life is not likely to be a simple task. One think that many people get hung up on is the process of choosing an official photographer for their ceremony and the celebration that follows. Your photos will be one of the most important gifts you get to take away after the day is over – apart from your new spouse, of course! They’ll help you and your guests remember the day, so there’s a lot of pressure to choose wisely. Here are some tips to help you out.

Search locally

It’s generally best to try and find the best wedding photographer in your region, as most professionals will cover a few nearby cities or counties while some may be able to travel further afield. A Leicester or Nottingham wedding photographer, for example, would realistically be likely to cover the East Midlands area if needed. This helps you narrow down your search early on and it’s more likely you will be able to find trusted reviews (more on that later).

What style do you prefer?

Wedding photographers specialise in different styles, so before you select someone you need to ensure this matches up with your preferred approach. Documentary style tends to be the simplest and most photo-journalistic, capturing candid shots of the action as it happens, while the alternative would be to choose a photographer with a fine art style, or even something more edgy and alternative, to infuse some artistic creativity into your album. If your priority is to get great traditional portrait shots you could also find someone who specialises in these.

Research and read reviews

Looking up all there is to know about your top few choices will really help you quickly rule out anyone who may not be suitable. Reviews from trusted sources online can be very helpful, or if you personally know anyone whose wedding photos you really liked, this is a great way to get a recommendation you can rely on.

Have a personal interview

Before committing to a photographer, have an informal chat with them and find out what approach they would take with your wedding. This is a great opportunity to establish how well your personalities mesh and determine whether or not you’re likely to be on the same page throughout the process.

See their work and critique it

Wedding BrideTake a look at their portfolio and see how much you like the pictures they’ve taken at other people’s weddings. Review each album with a critical eye and try to draw comparisons between the work of each of your potential choices.

Check what package would be suitable

Most wedding photographers may not advertise their prices, and will instead give you a bespoke quote because there are so many different aspects to consider with each unique wedding. However, many of them offer different packages as a guide so you can choose the right level of service. You may not need all

Tips For Amateur Wedding Photographers

Wedding photography can be a rewarding experience, and opens the door to many opportunities for new business opportunities. It can, however, be a daunting venture for amateur photographers. Here are some tips for amateur wedding photographers to improve their chances of success.


Create a website
This is important for finding work as a wedding photographer. Nobody wants to hire a photographer to capture their special day who has no proof available to show that they know what they are doing. As an amateur wedding photographer, this is a great way to display your talent and take it to the next level in the transition to becoming a professional. This can be anything from creating a blog on a site like Blogspot, to creating your own website with a customized URL. This is easy to do with sites like Squarespace or WordPress. Using these sites are affordable and offer a professional touch to an amateur wedding photographers portfolio.

Keep the sound off!
This is a big one. Nothing ruins the mood more than the constant clicking and beeping from the wedding photographer during speeches or wedding vows. This is a simple fix, but one easily overlooked. It’s these subtle changes that can often have the biggest impacts and can easily differentiate amateurs from professionals.…

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